Vince And Sheree Williams

Vince And Sheree Williams

Vince and Sheree Williams, 112 Eathorpe Road, Armidale

My garden has been open before, so many Armidale garden lovers will have visited

previously. It is a quirky garden with lots of old machinery, ornaments and mosaics. I love the colour the mosaics give and I continue to add to them whenever I can.

My garden is a mixture of natives and exotics. I love trees and have probably planted too many but the shade they provide is not only a welcome respite from the heat of summer, but they now also provide some protection for plants I may not otherwise be able to grow.

The garden is definitely an informal garden. There was no plan - it simply grew as ideas came to me. Originally it was confined to a fairly small area around the house but as the kids grew up and I had more time to devote to the garden it expanded beyond the fence and into the paddocks. Several times Vince has relocated fences for me so the garden now occupies about 3 acres.

Even after about 30 years of gardening, I do not consider myself to be an expert - far from it. I have made lots of mistakes, some of which I have had to learn to live with as correcting them is just too hard. I am however an avid gardener and my two favorite things to do are pottering in the garden and wandering around a nursery. If you choose to visit my garden I hope you find it interesting, peaceful and enjoyable.

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