Sue and David Wilkinson

Sue And David Wilkinson

Welcome to our garden. We purchased our block of land approximately 45 years ago with two very large willow trees growing on an otherwise bare block. As they took up a lot of area they had to go to make room for our home and any sort of garden we wished to create.

Being a town block, room for planting all that we would like to has always been a problem. But we feel it is interesting with pieces of artwork, water features and small statues dotted among the plants. Being all on the one level makes it easy for visitors to meander, with plenty of shady seating available.

It is not until the last few years that we have seriously started to develop our garden, using sheep manure as our main means to enrich the soil. Having new ideas always means it is a work in progress!

Our losses have been many and we have come to the conclusion that unfortunately, rhododendrons and camellias are not for us. In winter, severe frosts due to being close to the creek, added to our losses. This has not deterred us and we have found we must grow plants that suit our soil type and climatic conditions.

The addition of a pergola and green house for the many pots provide a shaded area to sit on a warm day whilst a nearby water feature adds to the ambience. Time spent there pottering away is creative bliss!

We have edged garden beds with pavers making it easier to maintain all areas. Many hours are lovingly spent in the garden maintaining it and creating new ideas. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.