Megan and David Aitken

Megan And David Aitken

The main homestead at Hedgerow Farm was built in 1953 by the Waters family.

We purchased Hedgerow Farm when we returned to Australia from Hong Kong five years ago and since then, have extended the garden around a newly built stable complex, round-yard and arena for our horses.

The northern garden around the main house combines established trees with garden beds consisting of white roses, lamb’s-ears, climbing jasmine and ivy. A magnificent crab apple tree outside our kitchen window is a family favourite when in full bloom and is our prettiest tree in the entire garden. A large golden elm welcomes guests as they enter the front of the house together with the fragrance of daphne flowers when in season.

Walking past the guest house, you will see ornamental pears, orange blossom, and two feature mop tops that mark the entrance to the tennis court. If you venture behind the tennis court, you will see a beautiful willow tree, fruit trees, and a climbing rose bush on our fence that is one of our most well established. Walk down the pavement beyond the guest house which is lined with Pittosporums and this will lead you into the arena area which is bordered by more pittosporums and a young Leighton Green hedge that acts as a wind break in the winter.

Our three acres of garden is always growing and will never be complete. We’re continuing to upgrade our garden beds and plant new trees in our paddocks.

We are the 6th family to reside at Hedgerow Farm and, as is the case with any established garden, we have all added to its charm by planting new trees and spending many enjoyable hours pruning, trimming and planting. On behalf of all these families, we hope you enjoy our garden. It really is our pleasure to be able to share it.