Lucy and Barry McCann

Lucy And Barry Mccann

We purchased Kintyre in September 1998. This garden has evolved on a shoestring budget.

With no outside water, (we had presumed there would be a tap somewhere!) there was no garden to speak of, just a couple of trees. After looking at the ground and needing a crowbar and mattock to dig, we knew without water we had a struggle on our hands. The very first thing was to have a large dam put in. We say with pride, we now have three taps!!! We then ask all our friends to save magazines and newspapers for us and we parted with some hard earned $$$ for a couple of loads of council mulch. The garden began near the house and progressed out like a fan. It is now 17 years old and in this time the dam has overflowed only twice. So it is a very water frugal garden. The plants are also hardy to accommodate the harsh frosts we receive. On the up side, this garden has four different and beautiful seasons.

We have spent a very limited amount on the garden. Propagating, dividing and collecting cuttings and seeds from family and friends to multiply the other areas of the garden.

We have three vegetable gardens. The outside garden contains the hardy vegetables, the ones the roos and rabbits don’t eat. The fenced garden is for the soft vegetables, which everything loves to eat and the warm garden is surrounded with walls and a paved area. We use this warm garden to extend the growing time.

We are both full time professional artists. The garden is like a large canvas surrounding the house. The brief for the canvas could read, “Needs to be plentiful, peaceful and have beauty all year round”. We invite you to browse in the art studio and art gallery, and enjoy the sculpture around the house and throughout the garden. The art and sculpture can be purchased. The garden has many species of birds, which are endless subject matter for our paintings. There are areas of the garden that are not weeded on purpose to provide seed for the many small birds and animals that enjoy our space.

Please have a happy and inspirational wander through the studio, gallery and garden.