Lin and Bill Anderson

Lin And Bill Anderson

As you drive in along “Brookside” Rd (almost 4kms), you’ll see a variety of paddock trees, which are part of an annual tree planting program.Some of you may remember being here for the St Peter’s Garden Tour in 1989, 1995 or 2012. We do want to welcome you back and welcome those here for the first time.

Our family garden is situated on a loop of the Gara River. Our first project, in 1986, was to replace a fence on the northern side, with basalt rocks collected from the paddocks, to form a rock wall. We wanted an uninterrupted view of the river and lucerne flats.You will find a cross section of trees, shrubs and ground covers of different ages. Most of the original trees have been and gone, except for 2 remaining pencil pines (100yrs+). The choice of plants is restricted to “frost hardy”, (“frost tolerant” comes with a question mark?!). Our aim is to create interesting nooks and crannies and have splashes of colour amongst the greenery and open lawn spaces. We enjoy the bird life and often see little wrens bathing in Bill’s hand-created bird bath.

We have always had different kinds of poultry and fortunately, now experience minimal fox damage, following the construction of a high fence! At present, you can see green and blue peacocks, pheasants, guinea fowl etc. A vegetable garden is on our agenda each year and we enjoy the benefits of home grown produce, despite a bit of unwanted competition?! The old wool she’d is closeby, so sheep manure is our main source of fertiliser.

Bill and I are really thankful for our mutual interest in God’s garden for the last 34 years. We trust that you enjoy your visit

Directions: Continue along Rockvale Rd for 10.5kms from northern traffic lights, then just past Burying Ground Creek, you will see a Santa Gertrudis sign on the right saying “Brookside”.

Turn right here and follow dirt road 4kms to the old Homestead.

Bill and Lin Anderson