Kris And John Croft, Galveston

Kris And John Croft Galveston

Kris and John Croft, Galveston, 645 Bundarra Road, Saumarez Ponds

When we purchased Galveston 22 years ago there was very little garden and few trees save for a radiata windbreak on the western side which has turned out to be a great asset to the microclimate of the garden. This, along with a fairly reliable bore, has enabled us to experiment with the garden and incorporate some of the features that take our fancy on our many exploration of other gardens.

Since we last opened the garden in 2017 we have hosted two family weddings, the street Christmas party, a long lunch and a meeting of the New England Garden Club in the garden.

We continue to produce small quantities of Sauvignon Blanc and Rose from the vineyard and we have bees, chickens and alpacas and, of course, a roductive vege garden. Despite all this, there is still plenty of time for the garden to evolve.

Some aspects, such as the sunken garden, have matured. Some things have changed. The vege garden became very shaded, so was moved out the back and replaced with a cubby house and play area for our granddaughter. Maturing trees in the side garden threw too much shade for grass cover. so these areas have been converted to brick-bordered bark gardens, with shade loving plants such as camelias and azaleas. We have added new aspects to the garden, such as a native windbreak in the front to protect a new rose garden, and we are constructing a new greenhouse.

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