Kevin Archer

Kevin Archer

Kevin and Dawn moved to this address in 2002. Previously they had lived on a property with a big garden and so they developed this garden with space in mind so they wouldn’t feel closed in. They were very keen to develop tulips, dahlias and a rose garden.

The house and garden are situated on three normal sized house blocks in a battle-axe shape. It is situated so that most of the adjoining blocks back onto this block adding to the privacy. The original soil was very poor with a lot of gravel in it and Kevin carted 40 tonnes of topsoil to mulch and prepare the lawn and gardens. Kevin has three large bins for composting and does all his own composting. He has a working greenhouse where he does a lot of propagating and establishing plants. He grows all his own seedlings and some of the treasures in the garden were brought to town from the property.

Dawn had a very keen interest in design and has developed a mixed style in different areas. The name ‘Clover Cottage’ indicates their striving for a cottage garden. As they went along Dawn had more and more ideas and Kevin implemented them.

When visiting this garden some of the things to look for are the rock garden, the rose bed, an English box hedge, and the vegetable patch. There is a large white gum, which had a nest in it, and, over the years, forty kookaburras were bred in it. During some very windy weather the nest blew down and the kookaburras never returned. A new nest was put up and now pidgeons nest there. There are also bee colonies, which call this place home. Scattered throughout the garden you will see iron sculptures and the garden has seven sitting areas. Please feel free to make use of these.

Since last opening their garden (in 2011) Dawn has passed away (2017) and Kevin wished to open the garden once more as a tribute to Dawn’s vision and as a special way of remembering a very special lady. One little bed that was already in the garden is now a ‘remembrance’ garden for Dawn. Please feel free to pause at the garden and, if you are moved to, say a little prayer.

On your wanders through the garden please take time to turn around and look back to where you have been – each view is different from front to back.