Keith And Colleen Finlayson

Keith And Colleen Finlayson

Keith and Colleen Finlayson, 49 Link Road, Armidale

Colleen and I have lived in Armidale all our lives and moved to Link Road about 24 years ago. When we moved here there were only three other houses nearby, with cattle over the back fence and across the road.

At that time the only native plant in our yard was a large Nicholii Eucalyptus. Then with the removal of some large pine trees that were dying along the western boundary and a cotoneaster hedge on the eastern side it gave us the opportunity to grow what is now a mostly native garden with some favourite exotics, Azaleas, Camellias, Proteas and Peonies to name a few.

We have one acre of mainly red basalt soil and when we started gardening we had no intention to grow natives and we knew nothing about them. A couple of trips to WA before I retired got us very interested. Our goal was to create an environment where small birds felt safe from the larger more aggressive ones and try to get some flowering plants with plenty of nectar for the Honey Eaters. There is something flowering for them each month of the year.

Like most gardens it has evolved over the years as we try to grow different plants. I have been given many cuttings from family and friends which I have been propagating and more recently have been trying my hand at grafting (with varying degrees of success).

Down the back we have four different berries and about a dozen fruit trees which I am trying to espalier. A vegetable patch takes up the rest of the back area.

Come and see our garden, we hope you enjoy your visit.

There will be a plant stall run by the Australian Plant Society Members. These plants are suitable for our climate and all money raised will be used to buy plants for the Armidale Arboretum.

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