June and Max Endacotts

June And Max Endacotts

Max and I moved onto this block in 1990 with no buildings but good water in Samaurez Creek. We built the woolshed and lived there for nine months while the house was built (where the stock camped in the snow).

Then I commenced on the surrounds – starting with laying the rocks for the patio. The pergola was erected and the wisteria planted.

Max fenced off a small house yard which was soon planted with the liquid ambers and a few fruit trees, plus the beds around the house. Lightening and a severe storm blew down a large dead tree and I decided to expand. My aim was to have a perfumed garden,with something flowering every season and with beds flowing in colours from pink to red to orange to yellow with blues and purples in the final plantings. (Even some blocks with mondo grass!) There was little soil and much rock so the garden grew around what rocks I could remove to make paths and bed edging.

A few years ago white ants invaded the fallen log and Max dragged it out in pieces with the tractor, ruining a large part of the garden! In the last year my interest has renewed and it is now a matter of curtailing much enthusiastic previous planting and adding more plants as discovered.

June and Max Endacotts