Jenny and Peter Bailey

Jenny And Peter Bailey

Following an accident in 2008 which left me with limited mobility, we made the decision to move to a home which was reasonably flat and did not the steps we had in our previous home. So in 2011 we moved to a home on 5 acres! We are truly grateful we had the opportunity to move here because it has changed our lives, all for the better. We love the peace and quiet and waking up to birdsong rather than traffic and other suburban noises.

When we bought it, the garden was made up predominantly of natives and there were some accessibility issues for me in the front garden. Rather than start from scratch we set about tidying up and opening up the front of the house to the garden. We have retained all the trees which provide autumn colour such as pistachios, Japanese maples etc so as I speak, it is looking really beautiful.

Whilst still a work in progress, we are moving towards having the garden we want. This will ultimately mean large areas that only need mowing and we will contain the flower gardens to the areas immediately around the house.

The other area we will be working on is the orchard garden where we will be doing some planting, mainly very fast growing fruit trees. We have made extensive changes in the vegetable garden and hope this year to have good crops of vegetables and different varieties of berries including boysenberries, raspberries and blueberries.

We look forward to welcoming you here to see what we have achieved in the past six years.