Howard And Lyn Munday

Howard And Lyn Munday

Howard and Lyn Munday, 64 Rowlands Road, Armidale

We are so pleased to be asked to open our garden for the St Peter’s Garden weekend.

Gardening can be a real challenge as well as a lot of pleasure. Our garden brings great pleasure as there is always something different when you go wandering around it each day.

We have come through that terrible drought and a number of trees and shrubs did not survive and had to be removed. That was a big challenge and a lot of cleaning up. We then received that very welcome rain which gave us the enthusiasm to re plant. So now we are waiting for the rewards.

In our garden there are numerous trees such as: Chinese Elms, Liquid Ambers, Plane tree, English Oaks, Maples, Honey Locust, Forest Pansy and Native trees. We have several different Wisteria planted around the garden.

Enjoy wandering around and relax in our garden.

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