Colin and Pam Pateman

Colin And Pam Pateman

Welcome to our garden, a place we enjoy. Our garden is now 13 years old. It was previously in the St Peters Open Garden 7 years ago. In this time the garden has changed. Some plants are now reaching their mature size, while others due to our climate extremes went to “ nursery heaven”, and we started again.

The garden is on a north facing sloping block on rocky basalt soil, more rock than soil, which has made establishing and keeping plants difficult.

The basic philosophy of the garden is, if there is room for a plant we will try and grow one. This has resulted in a variety of plants chosen for their form, colour, and texture. Deciduous trees to the east and west give the house summer sun protection. Roses, particularly those on the balcony, are now an impressive size.

The lack of soil at the back of the block has made it difficult for both lawn and plants to establish and is a continuous work in progress. The native garden at the front looks after itself. Flower beds in the terracing behind the house have something for us all year round. The vegetable patch is on raised terracing.

Since the last Open Garden we have added a pergola and water features.

We have not mentioned specific plants; the garden is an eclectic mix for you to discover.

Cheers, Colin and Pam.