Bill and Rae Andrews

Bill And Rae Andrews

Developing a new garden is always a challenge and one that I like very much.

Ours began in many years past with the planting of pines, elms, gums and two willows (which I have since removed) and an oak tree.

When Bill and I purchased our place in January 2008 it was planted with blue salvia, butterfly bush and agapanthus - all are invasive – so we removed all but the agapanthus, which grow outside the front fence.

The circular garden in front was the only structure on the block. The birch tree that now stands alone was one of five, all of them choked by lambs ear planted beneath them. We managed to save only one of them.

Next we put in the driveway, which is compressed granite and cement. Edging the beds was easy, the digging and manuring was tiring but when finished and with the roses in it looked spectacular.

As there were so many roots from the large trees it was best to use mulches and make beds over the roots. We planted many lovely trees and added the gates, arches and other adornments. A few of the big trees were removed but one still supports the white wisteria, another has a pot on it and the old pine on the western side has several climbers on it. The thunderbox came from a disused tennis court in Uralla. The old sheep race under the big elm out back is original, as the property was once part of an old holding.

The rest of the garden is my creation and I hope you enjoy walking and sitting in its surrounds and listening to the lovely birds that frequent it.