Arran House

Arran House

“Arran House” garden was started from mid to late 1860.

Many of the features from that period include Deodars, Atlas Cedars, Japanese Maples and a row of Robinias along Dangar Street, as well as the stone wall and sunken garden and the cast iron front gates made by Uralla Foundry.

Later tree plantings include Rowan, Dawn redwood, Crepe Myrtle and Hawthorn.

On the Northern boundary is a walled garden with many shrubs, roses and a large Crab Apple. Garden sculptures include items from France, Korea and Zimbabwe as well as a wire work, “Walkabout” by Francois Jaggi. The garden also includes many Roses, Gardenias, Camellias and Hydrangeas.

The garden is difficult to manage because of the intense shade the large trees create and so many of the plantings are in pots under the trees. However, in spite of all the problems, it is a beautiful garden to live in and to be a part of.