Anne and Neil Baillie

Anne And Neil Baillie

This is a small country garden with a variety of beds in nooks and crannies as well as some unusual features and knick-knacks placed judiciously around the place.

Our house was moved to its current location in 1946 across paddocks from behind the current Saumarez Church.The original intention had been to locate it closer to Bundarra Road. However, as it was late in the afternoon when it reached here, it was decided to complete the move on the morrow. Heavy rain then bogged the three metal-wheeled farm tractors and so the house remains where it stands today.

When we moved in at the end of 1976, the side fences were only two metres from the house and the back fence less than five metres away. There were no trees close by and no garden to speak of. Although I have always enjoyed gardening, two small children, a full-time career and a love of sports (for both of us) left little time for this pleasure.

Neil’s mother was an avid gardener. She began creating the design (the basis of which still exists today) adding many plants from her own beautiful garden just down the road. The yard was extended and many trees were planted.

Over the years there have been a number of alterations to the size and shape of the garden. Some early plantings have been removed and replaced with more suitable varieties. Extensive use has been made of the ironstone and basalt rocks found on the property, to create garden borders and interesting features, including two small ponds (water features) and a wishing well.

Since retiring our garden has become more of a focus as we have enjoyed creating new and interesting features. For the young and young-at-heart there is a small fairy garden which was created for our grandchildren.

Today there are camelias, azaleas, spring and summer flowering bulbs, agapantus and roses. Nandina provide a colourful contrast with the ironstone rock borders. Flowering shrubs including Bauhinia, Mexican Orange Blossom and Raphiolepsis and are scattered throughout the garden with some tall trees. A hedge of Photinia shields us from the road. We have tried to keep the garden space open to take advantage of the magnificent views in every direction. It is a quiet and peaceful setting attracting a variety of bird species as well as skinks and many blue tongued lizards.