Alex & Andrew Draney, Stone Water Rill

Alex Andrew Draney Stone Water Rill

Stone Water Rill 141 Mays Rd Armidale

We moved to Armidale in late 2017 from Sydney. The space and open skies that we now encountered daily were good for the soul.

It did not take long for Andrew to start imagining gardens. We started with the driveway pears, then the secret garden, the olive grove room, and the space between the guesthouse (rebuilt from the existing shed) and the pool. Bringing the whole garden together, as well as connecting the garden with the house, was proving more difficult, so we asked for help, and Paul Bangay developed a plan with us that we love.

It is not fully executed as yet, and we love watching everything grow and begin to fill out the spaces, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of formal gardens against the eucalypt backdrop.

Alex and Andrew Draney

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